Eat the Fruit but Not the Fruit Flies

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Did you know that California is the world’s fifth largest supplier of food and agriculture commodities? That’s a huge industry worth billions of $’s each year. Can you imagine the devastation fruit flies can cause for our farmers throughout California, and that’s exactly what happened in 1989 with a sudden invasion of Mediterranean fruit fly (medflies).

In recent years, parts of Los Angeles County, including the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, has been placed under quarantine for the Mexican fruit fly due to invasion within the City of Long Beach. And yet, flies of all breeds (Mediterranean, Oriental, Mexican, Housefly etc.) when buzzing around or inside Los Angeles CA properties, most home or business owners simply ignore these pests. But doing so can in itself be a health hazard.

Fruit flies are a common complaint from LA homeowners we serve, because these flying insects seem to settle into kitchens and food preparation areas and can be hard to get rid of especially since harsh and toxic chemicals cannot be used where food is stored or made. Fruit flies can measure roughly 1/8th of an inch, can be yellow to brown colored with red eyes. Below we’ll highlight some points to consider when dealing with these pests.

Look for the Source

Fruit flies can accumulate and infest a certain place due to many different reasons, particularly when you are storing vegetables or fruits in an unrefrigerated space or disposing of them through unclosed rubbish bins, then, you can have a Fly problem at your hands.

Yes, we all need to clean up dishes as soon as possible, however, living in modern busy times may allow us to put off cleaning (spills or stains on counters) or leaving the dishes unwashed for more than 24 hours can exacerbate the problem. Furthermore, it is not only fruit flies that are an issue, even if you eliminate flying adult fruit flies, these pests may have laid their eggs in other locations all over or nearby your kitchen.

There are a few main types of flies to watch out for and they originate from different sources (some may be found in the kitchen but aren’t exactly fruit flies)

  • Sphaerocerid flies can be found in rotting trash, rotting vegetables, and fruits, as well as clogged drains. Addressing the source of the problem is the best way to get rid of them.
  • Phorid flies also thrive in household drains that are maintained poorly but can also be found when a garden soil is contaminated.
  • Drain flies can be found anywhere from bathrooms to kitchens, in sewers, as well as household septic tanks. All types of flies multiply and breed quickly. For professional commercial and residential pest control solutions, talk to Maximum Pest Control Services

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DIY Ways to Curb Fruit Flies

If you see one flying around, then, remember that are others nearby. There are many do-it-yourself measures you can take to lessen the life cycle of fruit flies. Exercising thorough sanitation in food preparation and garbage disposal areas is a good start. At an early sign of infestation, use disinfectants (sweep mop) at least a couple of times a day. Always take out the garbage at regular intervals and keep your main dumpster closed tight to avoid creating a potential fruit fly breeding ground.

As far as possible, refrigerate fresh produce (even though it may seem pleasing to leave some fruit out in bowls for easy access). Be wary of the moisture and humidity in your home especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Using a good dehumidifier may also be helpful. At least once a year, inspect drainage and plumbing around your property to isolate any possible leakages. Keep in mind that most pests (Rats Mouse Ants or even wildlife) look for easy access to food and water sources for infestation.

Furthermore, for commercial properties particularly, check for and clean molds, fungus from in between floor tiles and grout as well as underneath fridge or humid areas as they can also be a harboring place for fruit fly and their eggs.

There are also natural and organic insecticide and pesticides sprays and products on the market that maybe safe to use around the house. You can use such pest control sprays on floors, in cabinets, on top of dustbins, and just about anywhere else to ward off some common household pests.

There are also a number of fruit fly traps available on the market, but if you are a handyman or handywoman you can even attempt to create one by yourself using a plastic sheet (like the one used to cover sandwiches) and small amount of vinegar mixed with a bit of shampoo. Lay the ingredients out in a bowl, put the plastic cling wrap on top, and poke some holes in it. The smell of the vinegar will attract the fruit flies and then the mixture will trap them inside.

Important to Remember When Controlling Pests at Home

Make sure to thoroughly wash all produce extra carefully upon harvesting if sprayed with any pesticides (including natural organic ones).

Keep in mind that although organic home made recipes are a good natural and healthy choice as an insect repellent, it is less useful in getting rid of existing insect and pest invasions in the garden.

Professionally implemented residential pest control measures may prove to be a better option for getting rid of an existing pest infestation. Once the infestation is alleviated, organic home made sprays can be used to prevent future issues with problem insects.

Trusted Pest Control Company Serving Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Controlling flying insects and pest infestation can be cumbersome for most people, we understand this. As a result we assure all our valued customers that as soon as you call 818-231-7984 you’ll speak directly with professional and licensed pest control expert about the pest problem you are facing.

Simply tell us when its a suitable time for you and then we’ll come and provide you with a thorough pest inspection of your property. We’ll then detail the best approach and plan of action to eliminate pests from your property. Do keep in mind that Maximum Pest Control Services also offers the most competitive rates for pest control and management throughout Los Angeles locations. We won’t be beaten on price, friendliness and fastest possible results.
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