How to Ward Off Pests During Winter in Los Angeles

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Did you know that the month of January is the coldest month of a year in Los Angeles California? As you know that although there are many things to do outdoors around California, carrying an umbrella and wearing warm waterproof clothes are necessary in L.A. during winter because weather of this season has rains, winds and clouds all at once.

Perhaps you are a winter person, or you enjoy the summer more, and yet, when dealing with pest infestation, seasons play an important part in their living cycles. For example: Mosquitoes will usually come out to bite humans during summer, whereas rats may be more active during winter. Then, you have some pests that just wait for the current tenants to vacate the rental unit so that they can come out to destroy what’s left.

The winter season is a tough time for your house (not just because of heating requirements) but because pests love to look for shelter in small, dark, and enclosed spaces as the temperature outside drops. Your home, furniture, valuables, and general health could be at stake if you do not take certain measures making sure pests do not find a comfortable resting place in your L.A house this winter.

Common Insects & Pests to Protect Against

Certain insects and pests are affected more so than others when it comes to cold temperatures which makes them keener to hide in residential properties just to survive keeping warm.

  • Bed bugs are notorious for any time of the year especially if you tend to travel a lot (as they can attach and transfer themselves easily in various items of clothing), but the winter season requires extra caution. Like many other insects, they seek to be warm in different types of clothing and many actually hide in sweaters and coats and then can transfer to your home (bedding, sofa, furniture, linen) when you come back home.
  • Spiders and ladybugs in large numbers can also be expected and although they are not hazardous or carriers of diseases like some pests, they are definitely an irritating presence (especially if you have young children whom tend to be frightened of spiders). Ensuring proper hygiene (disinfectant sprays and liquids on all surfaces) or regular vacuuming and using carpet cleaner can keep them at bay. Always remove spider webs around your property and on ceilings as they can encourage more of the creepy crawlies to set up house in your living room.
  • Storage bugs as they are called (namely silverfish, beetles, and moths) also hide in the linen closet or your winter woolies. Usually active during night time, you can be better protected using mothballs and other deterrents in closets that are not often opened throughout the year. Also, make sure to air the confined spaces while vacuuming at least once a year. Bugs can also hide in holiday decorations or in items you bring in from outside such as wreaths, borrowed décor, and even Christmas trees.
  • Termites are among the worst guests to expect although they can burrow into drywall and furniture all year round. Water accumulation (from rainfall or snow) can encourage termites as well as excessive heating inside the home. Make sure you have checked your furniture and other wooden items (do this inspection at least twice a year) and use household deterrents such as turpentine soaked sponges and rags and black pepper around valuables such as books. For professional termite extermination, rely on Maximum Pest Control Services proven expertise.
  • Mice are another winter disaster lurking around residential and commercial properties around Los Angeles California. Rodents generally seek cabinets, basements, and even pipes as resting places during the winter season as they are larger and cannot burrow into smaller places like bedding or carpets. Layout precautionary rat killer tablets in and around areas you think are risky such as open gutters, vents, basement windows, or structural openings such as holes in walls or electricity drillings. Wherever possible eliminate entryways for pests (although you can DIY if you’re a handyman, hiring professional pest control technicians will work out to be wise choice keeping your property pest free.) Making sure you sweep or vacuum regularly means you are eliminating food crumbs that attract mice.
  • Cockroaches typically nest near food preparation areas, or hide nearby interior (furniture, bedding, cupboards, drywall etc.) or exterior household materials (logs around the garden, garden furniture etc.). Once again regular inspection and seasonal clean up will go a long way dealing with all types of pests.

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