Need for Controlling Pests has Increased in LA County During Covid

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The Covid-19 crisis throughout the world including in United States has really changes almost all aspects of our lives. Los Angeles is not immune, whether you are a business owner or not, as an Angeleno we are all affected in one way or another.

These turbulent times has had implications for pest control that may have gone unnoticed by some business owners. There has been a marked change in pest behavior due to less human crowding in places of storage (particularly food or edible materials) as well as warehouses and storage spaces being less occupied compared to before Covid. Even if a business building is closed, there is still a need to exercise strategic pest control measures so that your valuables are kept safe from pest invasion.

Research has shown that pests like beetles, ants, and mice have rapidly increased in number in the lockdown phase during Covid. This can be attributed to the fact that there is less disturbance from human beings as they have become comfortable in enclosed spaces. These pests are detrimental to public health and have the ability to keep increasing in number unless effective pest control measures are implemented.

Reports have shown that with the closure of food places or restaurants as well as empty trash cans outside these establishments, the rodent and cockroach population has changed lifestyle patterns and can attack storage areas and homes more readily. With decreased foot traffic on streets and in buildings, the behavior of certain pests like rats has also changed making them a greater threat.

Some tips for keeping a building pest-free regardless of how much or how little it is being used are as follows:

  • Food items and their storage need to be handled and monitored regularly and carefully. With less foot traffic and reduced human activity (which some pests rely on for survival) food items are more at risk of becoming prey to various pests. Airtight storage is preferable but in general, humidity, moisture, and heat needs to be controlled, as well as overstocking should be avoided. Regular inspection by a pest control professional can also help highlight vulnerable entryways from where pests can gain access.
  • Regularly scheduled cleaning needs to take place in the commercial building even if it is not being used by people or serving as a storage space. Particular attention should be paid to all access points like vents, windows, crevices, doorways, pipes, and so on.
  • Equipment used for pest control such as sticky traps, rat traps, sonic pest inhibitors, or fly screens should be serviced regularly as well as inspected to prevent future pest problems.
  • Before full-blown resuming of activity in the building, a thorough and professional pest control inspection should be performed to make sure all is in order especially for food preparation areas in accordance with health laws concerning pests in Los Angeles California

With many businesses and establishments undergoing financial challenges, loss or restructuring, it might seem that effective and professional pest control is not on the priority list. However, pest control is extremely important because it directly impacts the health of the employees, as well as the safety of the stock / materials present in the commercial premises.

In particular, warehouses and similar facilities can suffer considerable financial loss if they become victims of a pest invasion (pests like termites, rats and mice are silent destroyers of valuable materials, and cockroaches and ants can chew through food containers and can even transmit disease.).

Preemptive and preventative pest control measures are the way to go for protecting your property. Furthermore: you’ll have the peace of mind and be ready for business when we Americans living in LA County are fully vaccinated.

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