Organic Pest Control Methods for Your Home

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As you know that today in USA the word organic has become synonymous with "good, natural". Depending on the pest species and infestation stage, an organic pest control can be thought of as an alternative pest management system that is more conscientious about the chemicals used in the process as opposed to conventional fumigation and other methods pest control company such as Maximum Pest Control Services in Los Angeles.

Some of valued customers prefer organic pest control options whether its for vegetable gardens, as well as for indoors especially when there are residents that are allergy-prone or sensitive to chemicals in their immediate environment.

The first step for any successful pest control treatment is the identification of the pest, and then strategic approach for elimination, this is where you can work out that if an organic pest control can be implemented or you actually need the help and services of professional and licensed pest control technicians. Having said this, let us share the following insights which are the most popular and safe organic pest control methods that can be used around home garden for certain species of pests found throughout Los Angeles California.

Using Rotenone for Organic Pest Control

Rotenone is a common organic pesticide and insecticide used for crops and also for garden plants to deter and kill plant-eating caterpillars, thrips, and beetles. It can also be a deterrent to several other pests, but it should be used in moderation and it needs more time than conventional industrial grade pesticide to get the best possible results.

Rotenone is a semi-hazardous substance although less potent than an industrial pesticide but it should never be used near a water like a pond or a lake as it can be fatal to fish and other inhabitants. It is also not recommended to inhale or consume the substance in any way or allow animals to do so as it can be hazardous. If you have used it in any area where there is pest infestation (such as a row of bushels) then cover them up with a plastic sheet to avoid pets walking on sniffing the substance.

Other important factor to consider when dealing with controlling pests is that any pesticide, rodenticides or insecticides to be used needs to consider weather, as in, what if it rains heavily? That is why choose to place any chemicals (be it organic or industrial) when you know that there will be no rain or strong winds.

Spinosad as an Ingredient

Spinosad is an ingredient found in many commercial pesticide solutions. Any store-bought product can be used as long as it has spinosad as its main ingredient. Spinosad is a naturally occurring bacterium that resides in soil and is perfectly safe to be used around any crops or fruits or in any plantations and garden around your home or commercial property in Los Angeles.

It gets rid of a wide range of pests from beetles, loopers, mites, tent caterpillars, and bagworms that eats through fruit. Spinosad is applied all over the infested areas or the entire crop as a preventative measure, and once it dries and is absorbed it will kill any insect trying to feed on the plant. It is recommended to spray heavily only once in the evening so that it dries and absorbs before daybreak as good insects such as honeybees could get affected otherwise.

Pyrethrin The Non-Toxic Choice

This is a form of botanical insecticide which is among the most non-toxic varieties of organic pest control solution out there. It is typically extracted from the chrysanthemum plant, and it is powerful and acts rapidly on various pests. Generally, low doses of Pyrethrin are needed to rectify any pest problem, this substance is sometimes mixed with other chemicals to treat a widespread infestation as it can be too mild (as in not potent enough) when used on its on or mixed lightly with other organic pest control treatments.

Go Neem

Azadirachta indica, commonly known as neem, nimtree or Indian lilac, is a tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae. Although Neem oil may be more known for its cosmetic applications, it can be used as a mild insecticide and or pesticide. It is considered more as a preventative measure to be used on crops and in vegetable gardens as it is too mild to be effective in advanced stages of pest or insect infestations. It has naturally occurring chemicals within that inhibit the mobility and growth of pests causing them to lose appetite. It can be used safely across considerable stretches of land and it controls the spread of harmful bugs that rapidly multiply like bean beetles and squash bugs.

Tea Tree Oil

As you know that nature has healing products that are natural whether we use organic plant roots, leaves, plants and tree oils or even a mixture of different organic materials. Tea tree oil is claimed as useful for treating many health benefits such as for dandruff, acne, herpes, insect bites, scabies, and skin fungal or bacterial infections. And yet for early stages of pest or insect invasion you can mix small amounts of Tea Tree oil as non-chemical option which can act as a deterrent especially for mosquitoes, lice, ants, termites.

Safety Must Be When Controlling Pests

Let’s face it, if we were to list pest control treatments that is available on the market, then this web page would become a book. What we mean is that whether you are looking for organic pest or insect control treatments for a small garden you maintain, or whether you are looking for rapid solutions for large infestation of pests, its wise to consult experts in the field of pest control. Should you decide to go with do-it-yourself pest control around your property, then, whatever you do, make sure that you triple check safety instructions and read the label thoroughly because all types of pest control treatments must be handled with caution.

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