Pest Control Measures to Prepare for Spring

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Spring is here in Los Angeles California, similar to other seasons, spring stands for something significant for us humans (unfortunately, for some pests and insects as well). It stands for renewment, refreshment, rebirth of life itself. Trees, forests, gardens, flowers are rejuvenating and teeming with life. Perhaps you’re a mum or a dad managing a large household, and each year, you begin your spring cleaning of your property just around this time.

We’d like to inform all our website visitors and also valued customers throughout Los Angeles that this particular year of 2021, pest and insect invasion around LA neighborhoods are on the rise. Whether this is due to Covid-19 closures of business premises or whether its due to Californian weather changes we’ve been experiencing in previous years.

Our valued customers calling 818-231-7984 for pest control services has been seeing unusual wildlife and pest activity throughout San Fernando, Woodland Hills, Encino, Tarzana, Reseda, Bell Canyon, West Hills, Sherman Oaks, Mission Hills, Chatsworth, Sylmar, Calabasas, Northridge, North Hills, Studio City, Topanga, Granada Hills and others.

With spring here, and because most homeowners are undergoing much-needed spring cleaning as well as seeking do-it-yourself pest control measures, we’d like to share practical insights regarding controlling pests.

Common pests and insects do slow down their activities (such as breeding and burrowing) in winter season, but as soon as spring comes, its imperative to employ sound pest control measures. As a homeowner, first thing to do before you attempt your spring cleaning, is to conduct a thorough pest control inspection around your property, including the interior where you can check the property as different areas (kitchen or pantry compared to bedroom etc.) requires different attention.

The Heart of the House is the Kitchen

The kitchen is at the center of every home (especially for mothers, kitchen is their domain) and one of the places most susceptible to pests such as ants, cockroaches, mice, fleas, moths, fruit flies, mice and even beetles and termites. The kitchen needs to be kept cleaner than the rest of the house as bread crumbs, incorrectly stored food, poor drainage or clogging as well as general humidity levels can exponentially increase how hospitable pests find your LA home.

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Always sweep the kitchen or vacuum it at the end of each day and give the countertops a good anti-bacterial wipe down. Crumbs left lying around overnight are an open invitation to all manner of nasty often times dangerous pests.

Periodically check the drainage and pipes (or space around taps and sinks) in your kitchen as well as crevices and windows to make sure pests like ants, silverfish or drain flies are not gestating there. Cleaning out your pantry and cabinets regularly is vital as even drier types of food like biscuits, rice, sugar and grains are very attractive to most insects and pests. Whenever and wherever you are storing any quantity of food inside your house, make sure you have proper protective covering and containers and cold storage as needed.

Bathrooms Have Water and Moisture Pests Need

Bathrooms naturally accumulate moisture and cockroaches, moths and other pests can be attracted if daily hygiene is not practiced. As far as possible keep the bathroom dry (air it often if there are windows) use dehumidifiers as well as other outlets to let out resultant steam and moisture.

Any water source can attract pests. Pipes and faucets that are leaking can be a source of water pests and insects require for infestation, once again, any water source can contribute to an overall damp environment so periodically check drainage as well as the pipes in the bathroom.

Pests Come From Outside In

Your garden, backyard, or vegetable patch is probably one of the biggest entryways any pest has into your home (this also includes wildlife such as raccoons). Regular trimming and landscaping is a given but also be wary of large bushes or piles of leaves because they can provide a cozy spot for pests to nest.

Doors (such as the kitchen backdoor) that may lead to the garden should be kept closed in warmer weather. Outside vents and crevices must be secured so that insects (beetles, cockroaches) and even mice or lizards cannot gain access to your property. Many people put sticky traps on doors to catch pests (doors with mesh or protective screens are particularly useful for keeping mosquitoes, bees or flies out).

Pests are the biggest and most common threat (causing millions of $’ in financial loss each year) throughout California agricultural sector. Residential properties also suffer due to termite infestation. Regular inspection coupled with eliminating moist areas, tree stumps or piles of mulch around (or near) your house is a must do spring cleaning for pest control.

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Regular anti-termite spraying on wooden windows and doors can also help prevent termites from settling in. As with any pest invasion, vigilance and prevention is the key for successful pest management. If you are pressed for time to conduct a thorough pest inspection around your home, schedule an appointment with our licensed pest control company.

Facing wildlife problems around your LA property? We also specialize in wildlife animal removal throughout Los Angeles. Want to speak directly with a pest control and management experts for professional advice? Simply get in touch with Maximum Pest Control Services.

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