Pest Prevention for Pantry And Food Preparation Areas

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The pantry in any home (or commercial kitchens) is always a problematic spot for pests of every description such as ants, cockroaches, fruit flies, mice, and even rats. For that reason, it is vital to implement pest prevention and control protocols in food preparation and storage areas (including the basement if you are storing any food items there for example). Here are a few ways to stay ahead of the game before a full infestation occurs.

Caution Helps for Preventing Pest Infestation Outbreak

You may think you clean the kitchen or pantry enough but one can never be too careful. Any type of crumbs, spills and even accumulating trash nearby can create a inviting environment for pests as they will always gravitate to areas where they can find food.

Cleaning after every meal even if its a quick disinfecting of the counters and a quick sweeping of the area where everyone has eaten is always a wise idea. Especially if you have young children, training them about the importance of prevention of pests will definitely reduce the workload after a busy day working.

Furthermore, top to bottom cleaning once a week is a great idea for preventing pests invading your property. You can conduct a regular inspection of the cabinets, cupboards, and pantry shelves for any signs that pests have begun to visit or live there. Droppings, odors, half-eaten food items, holes in cereal boxes, etc. should all alert you to their presence.

Using natural preventative methods such as black pepper, turpentine, pine oil, peppermint oil, pest hindering herbs help to ward off insects and pests should only be considered upon a professional advice. Because contamination of food sources using any kind of deterrent must be safely and thoroughly planned. Bay leaf (aromatic leaf commonly used in cooking) in particular are a favorite for creating an inhospitable environment for some types of insects.

Proper Storage

Food should never be stored carelessly, but you already know this. And yet, revisit your food storage area (once again, especially if you have young children) where you may see all sorts of food sources for pests (cereals, wheat, rice, sugar, flour etc.) where some may fall of when you are refilling your daily usage containers.

Even for food items that are stored in the refrigerator, know that using foil, plastic wrap or tight-lid Tupperware is better than not using ’em. Also, the inside of the appliance (fridge in particular) should be regularly disinfected from spills and residue. As for pantry storage, apart from canned goods, buy proper airtight and sturdy containers for cereals, biscuits, grain items, or other dry food stock like flour. Never keep them in their cardboard boxes as they will invite both moisture and insects. Always use or throw out products by their use-by date as the smell of mold or rot can quickly attract pests.

Inspect The Entryways

As with other parts of your house, the entryways of your kitchen or pantry are of special significance when it comes to warding off pests as well as controlling an existing pest problem. Kitchen windows, side doors, air vents, latches, and even the drains and pipes should be pest-proofed, for example having a fly or mosquito screen on the back kitchen door. If you have faulty plumbing or a clogged drain you could easily have a drain fly or cockroach problem at your hands, since these insects thrive in such conditions and multiply quickly being hard to get rid of without professional pest control help.

Overstocking Food

Its natural during these challenging times to overstock food sources (especially with the lurking possibility of Covid lockdowns), you may have been advised to buy large amounts of frequently used food items such as fruits, bread, or grains. Although this may initially seem like a good idea, it is hard to consume large amounts of food stock (especially perishable ones) quickly, so they may go decay without you noticing.

But if you must buy large amount of stock (for example: if you are have large family or you operate a commercial kitchen), then, triple make sure that you either thoroughly secure the food sources from pests, as well as consider purchasing cabinets with temperature control so that humidity can be controlled as the environmental factors play a role for controlling and managing pest outbreaks.

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