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Human beings aren’t the only ones adversely affected by pests and pest infestation. Household pets such as cats, dogs, and even rabbits can also be the prey of a pest that in many cases can lead to disease and infection for our four legged friends. Household pets often roam in the yard or other outdoor locations where pests like fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks can attack and use our pets as a host for feeding and infestation.

Furthermore, commercial insecticides or pesticides when used by unprofessional pest control technicians is usually just as dangerous for pets to ingest as it is for insects which is why a range of sensible solutions need to be applied for everyone’s safety including our pets. As a result, its only logical to hire pet friendly pest control professionals because some unprofessional pest control companies simply spray around chemicals without considering the implications.

Living in or around Los Angeles California and looking for pet friendly pest control experts? If so, you’re welcomed to skip reading and simply get in touch with Maximum Pest Control Services. However, we believe its always wise to be informed about correct way to control pests. Let us now inform you about pest control that is also safe for pets.

How Insecticides Can Also Cause Problems for Our Pets

Any form of pest control treatment can cause issues if not handled correctly, therefore, for do-it-yourselfer’s its at least smart to be familiar with how insecticides work on pests. There are 3 distinct ways insecticides work to get rid of pests

  • Dermal Entry where the insecticide enters the body through the skin.
  • Oral Entry where the insecticide enters the body through the mouth when the insect eats it.
  • Respiratory Entry this is where the insecticide is breathed in by the insect. Keep in mind that unlike humans and animals, insects do not breathe through the mouth, instead their anatomy allows them to breathe through spiracles (small holes along the side of the abdomen).

Now that we are familiar with the way in which the insecticides are used for controlling pests, and our four legged friends being curious, for example: may go ahead and explore the insecticides you placed around your garden bed, hence, this can be extremely hazardous for your pet. Basically, whenever you use any type of chemical for pest management either speak with licensed and qualified pest controlling experts such as Maximum Pest Control Services 818-231-7984 or read the safety label carefully.

Use Bugs for Combatting Other Bugs

Your backyard may be the main source for pests such as ticks harming your pets or even Ants which may bite and sting when your pet happens to stand on their path. Other than keeping the backyard area trimmed and clean, you may consider exploring the use of insects like Nematodes to feast on harmful insects like ticks, beetles, fleas, ants, and so on. Not only will there be a marked decrease in the pest population, but you will also be able to avoid using dangerous chemicals to remedy the problem. Keep in mind that some species can damage plant roots, stems, foliage, and flowers where as other species of nematodes can be your battle buddy.

Ladybugs are also an excellent insect to employ as they eat smaller insects like aphids. The praying mantis is also a good choice for suppressing certain type of pest infestation as they can eat thousands of insects of varying varieties in their lifetime.

Basically, throughout planet earth, insects or bugs are cultivated just to combat the spread of other harmful insects. Although this approach is usually followed by large agricultural sectors, it is nonetheless worth considering when controlling urban pests as well. As always, talk to pest control experts in your area.

Pet-Friendly as You Are

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If you have a cat or dog at home and are concerned with the pests that seem to be plaguing the property and causing discomfort to you and your four-legged companion, you need to be shopping only for pet-friendly insecticides and pesticides. Also, keep in mind that many pest control treatment products available over the counter are usually only toxic when they are first applied (so read the application directions carefully), once they have dried overnight or if a few hours have passed, you can let your pets roam around without a worry of them being affected by insecticides and pesticides.

Diatomaceous earth diatomite is another brilliant pest control option for people living with pets because it is a natural dust made from fossilized algae called diatoms. It has the ability to fatally dehydrate a wide range of insects and pests from cockroaches, bedbugs, ticks, to ants and fleas. Its pet friendly in a sense that even if they happen to consume a small quantity, it won’t be fatal for pets and domesticated animals. This powder has indoor uses as well, and is at times used by do it yourself pest controllers to sprinkle on bedding or mattresses in an attempt to treat bedbug infestations. Make sure you buy the food-grade version of this powder should you decide to use it around pets and for eliminating certain pests.

There are other pet-friendly pest control products out there on the market, for example, almost any retail supermarket in Los Angeles California will stock electric pest repellants or ones that use sound waves to drive pests away. Pheromone sticker traps and zappers are also a good option for pests like beetles, cockroaches, lizards, and mosquitoes. Having said this, remember that dealing with pest infestation successfully does in fact require the services of professional pest control company.

Plants as Repellants

Love nature? Love greenery? Then, in a house where there is pet/s you can consider growing certain plants which are safe for mammals but are well-known pest repellants. Rosemary, peppermint, lavender, lemon balm, and catnip all work as a preventative measure to keep most common pests away like ticks, mosquitoes, ants, and beetles. They can also be used for cooking various recipes on the side. So its a win win and win for everyone. You, environment, and your pet friend.

Contact Professional Pest Control Experts

When done correctly, pest control measures does not mean you’re putting your pets wellbeing and health in danger, as you know that grooming and professional thorough washing from time to time does wonders for pets. Furthermore, you are probably familiar with and are using eco-friendly anti-tick and anti-flea shampoo for regular hygiene for your pets. And get them professionally checked out by a Veterinary if they have recurrent tick or flea problem and/or an accompanying skin issues.

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Although you can clearly see something is not quite right when it comes to common household pets such as Cats and Dogs that when there is a pest problem, they’ll let you know (usually by scratching the affected area), in such cases, calling on Maximum Pest Control Services if you’re living in Los Angeles California USA can allow your home to be pest free completely. As in, when you contact us to arrange a home inspection for pests, we can identify the source of the problem and eliminate pests making sure that you, your family including pets are living in a safe and pest free home.

Contact Pet Friendly Pest Control Professionals

Our licensed and qualified team here at Maximum Pest Control Services offers safe and pet friendly pest control ready nearby neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles including San Fernando, Woodland Hills, Encino, Tarzana, Reseda, Bell Canyon, West Hills, Sherman Oaks, Mission Hills, Chatsworth, Sylmar, Calabasas, Northridge, North Hills, Studio City, Topanga, Granada Hills and others. Always ready to answer your pest control questions and provide exceptional service that works. Simply contact us to arrange an inspection.

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