Preemptive Pest Control Home Inspection When Buying a Home

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Buying a new house is no doubt exciting in the best of times, as you know that searching for that ideal home for yourself or your family requires time and energy. Not to mention its affordability. Paperwork to be filled, contracts to be signed and then finally, the keys to your new kingdom is handed over.

Home inspection for pest control is a matter that often gets swept under the carpet. In many cases, pests such as termites, can damage the property over a fairly long period of time, meaning, structural damage may not be visible from the outside especially when cosmetic changes (painting etc.) has been performed changing the overall look of the house.

For a new or potential home buyer, it may not seem logical to look for pests, but depending on how old the house is, it is definitely an important step of the property buying process. A lesser-known fact is that even relatively new properties can easily get afflicted with termite (or rats chewing cables) and other type of pest infestations due to environmental factors or when non-standard construction materials were used for the building.

The Silent Enemy ‘TERMITES’

Mosts pests are experts in hiding, particularly Termites usually out of sight causing devastating damage. Worse yet, most homeowners do not notice pests until significant damage has already been done. Unlike mice, ants, or other pests that often leave visible traces very early on, termites can hide and burrow inside furniture and drywall and continue to weaken these structures before proof of their existence is realized.

If you’ve never experienced termite infestation, then you can consider yourself lucky. Because these nasty insects are known for causing billions of dollars in damage (to property and items) every year globally. Professional pest control companies always advise WDO or ‘Wood-Destroying Organism’ inspections before buying any home, building, or property.

Termites affect books, organic materials, and furniture but a lot of the damage begins from the more structural parts of the house such as windows, drywall, wooden floors, and even wallpaper. In some cases, antique termite-infested furniture or other materials may be used in a new house and then termites may spread from there as well. Whenever possible, sell or remove the old owner’s furniture and belongings or if you plan to repurpose them, make sure they have been thoroughly inspected as well as sprayed down with termite sprays just in case.

Sleep Better With a Professional Home Inspection

Hiring a pest control company or expert may seem like a needless expenditure when you don’t know if there actually is a pest problem, but doing so can cross a long-term worry off your list. A professional pest control expert will not only check and examine the building minutely for any signs of a pest infestation but will also analyze the prevalent conditions and whether a problem is imminent in the future. An expert may ask you to seal crevices, cracks, space under doors and windows, and other possible entryways. They may also express concern over any dampness in the home.

Furthermore, we can carry out a thorough investigation of termite-specific signs such as mud tunnels on the wall or on shelves or other furniture, pest feces, hollowness inside solid wood structures, visible damage to outward appearances as well as broken wings or insect bodies.

Piles of dead leaves or overgrown foliage can also make the house appear attractive to pests, so thus, licensed pest control technician may suggest landscaping as well as measures to remove and minimize moisture levels in and around the property. Cleaning, checking and proper sealing of gutters (if they are blocked or not) is also very important in pest-proofing a new property.

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