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Those with green fingers or those who love the nurture the nature know and understand its two-way process. Meaning, you enjoy gardening and your garden rewards you with beautiful colored flowers and beautiful tasting vegetables. There is nothing quite like it. But its our worst nightmare to see pests and bugs also get in the action, eating away your hard work and causing havoc if not maintained.

Basically gardens are the pride and joy of most homeowners around United States including in Los Angeles California, and pests must be controlled. Since beneficial plants and flowers can get destroyed with conventional insecticide solutions, many garden lovers are choosing safer versions of Pesticides and or Herbicides or even natural organic ways of dealing with pest insect bug problem.

Going Organic

When we plant vegetable or edible plant patches, considering the type of pesticides become even more important due to health aspects. Pests become even more of a problem where fruits and vegetables are grown for the family consumption. Using any manner of pesticide sprays or store-bought insecticide can seep into food crop you have planted and can also kill harmless plant species along with killing weeds or even non-harmful terrestrial invertebrates such as earthworms.

If you are not using store-bought fertilizers, and do have the time to maintain a compost bin, this is the best way to feed your plants. Do keep in mind that compost bin itself will attract unwanted pests, best way to protect your compost bin is to keep it lid and also keep it above the floor (perhaps a stand that doesn’t restrict air circulation) and then circle the surrounds with natural pesticides for higher level of protection.

It is vital to know as a gardening enthusiast that the chemicals contained in any products that may be marketed as organic can kill beneficial microbes in the soil, alter the PH levels and stunt the growth of any plant, perhaps making it harmful to eat. For that reason alone proper research about pesticides should be undertaken before you purchase and use in your garden or backyard. Visit this links for thorough research The California Department of Pesticide Regulation

Healthy Plants Come from Healthy Soil

Good quality and healthy soil are like the foundation of any beautiful garden. Healthy soil also lessens the time, effort, and expenditure that needs to be put in to ward off pests. Use natural fertilizers instead of chemical ones so that beneficial microbes can multiply and thrive in the soil.

Some good natural fertilizer options are seaweed and fish fertilizer or animal manure. Be sure not to overdo it and only use it regularly (perhaps once a month) depending on what you are growing because access usage of a fertilizer can burn the roots of your plants (particularly fertilizers with high levels of nitrogen compound).

Know The When and Where for Fruit & Vegetable Gardens

Unless you are starting out gardening, then, you should already know to plant according to what’s in season. Most packaged seeds purchased over the counter will detail information regarding when and where to plant the seeds for your garden.

Gather knowledge before planting different plant or vegetation varieties. Some plants, flowers or vegetables require more water or sun than others, choosing their location according to their biological preferences is very important especially for Los Angeles’s dry subtropical climate. If planted in the wrong place, all plant species will succumb to stress which can damage or stunt the plant making it an ideal prey for garden pests.

Resilience is The Key

If you are turning your mind towards something like horticulture or even just a small kitchen garden then you need to choose varieties of plants that are more resistant and resilient to environmental changes and aggressors. Depending on the quality of the soil you are working with, some plants may attract more pests than others especially due to our unique climate and diverse fauna and flora throughout California. Every Angeleno ought to be familiar with garden plant’s natural challenges such as lack of water or too much sun before planting.

California fan palm, also known as just ‘California palm’ is a flowering plant in the palm family (Arecaceae) native to the far southwestern United States and Baja California.

It is an evergreen monocot with a tree-like growth habit. It has a sturdy, columnar trunk and waxy fan-shaped leaves.

Although its widely cultivated as an ornamental tree, the sweet fruit pulp of the fan palm is edible. The fruit was eaten raw, cooked, or ground into flour for cakes by Native Americans.

Use Plants to Repel Pests

Certain types of herbs can also act as pest repellant and make certain insects less likely to set up base camp in your garden. These include coriander, garlic, calendula, thyme, chives, and other plants with a h2 odor. These can be grown or kept in flower pots around where you are growing your other plants and vegetables.

Furthermore, the cropping practice of interplanting is very useful if you are trying to minimize pest activity in your garden. Plant food crops in rows with pest repelling plants in adjacent rows to confuse any potential pests thinking of invading your home garden.

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