Why Use Integrated Pest Management for LA Properties

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Controlling pests, as in eliminating RATS MICE COCKROACHES TERMITES and the destruction and nuisance these nasty pests cause requires a thorough plan of action. Surely, you can go out and purchase pest control chemicals or fumigation bombs, however, for completely getting rid of pests, you’ll need to focus on prevention. Or else, they will not leave your property once they are settled in nested.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Although Integrated Pest Management (IPM) was first developed mainly for agricultural sector, today, professional pest control companies such as Maximum Pest Control Services use integrated pest management processes because of the outcomes achieved eliminating pests.

IPM combines the use of cultural, biological, and chemical treatment practices to control insects and pests.

Cultural control is the non chemical management of pests using manual or mechanical means to change the environment to discourage pests to begin infestation. This is usually done through identifying and eliminating environmental factors such as food and water sources, entryways, air and moisture level control (particularly when exterminating termites).

Biological control is where we focus on disrupting pests and insects breeding cycle.

Chemical control involves the use of correct pesticides in the management and elimination of pests. Its achieved by selecting and mixing the right pest treatment chemical solution (insecticides and or rodenticides) to kill and control destructive insects or other animals.

Integrated pest management in Los Angeles California has become popular amongst pest control service providers, because it is an efficient and extremely safe pest control mechanism that is extensively used on all types of residential and commercial properties (as well as small gardens). The power of IPM also lies partially in its preemptive approach for controlling pests focusing on ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Many home and business owners prefer integrated pest management because of results you’ll get as well as the potential to save money in the long run due to pest problem prevention.

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The Steps of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

As far as residential pest control and also commercial pest control is concerned, IPM makes use of the following general steps in the overall pest control program. Since each situation is different, IPM should be tailored depending on the size of the land/building, species of pests/insects, and the stage of infestation (beginning, full outbreak, nesting cycle).

  • Property inspection and infestation evaluation is the first step that any professional pest control company in LA will perform for IPM. The experts will scour the entire building (or land) to find not only existing problems but also loopholes that could potentially be an invitation to pests. Forecasting is an important part of the job too as certain areas are more vulnerable to particular pests (termites, mice, ants) due to California climate, weather or environmental factors.
  • Next, a plan is drawn up. If there is an existing pest problem on site, it will be dealt with using various new technological methods like pheromone insecticide or second-generation green products. Other pest control activities will be scheduled (bearing in mind also that the space needs to remain operational to minimize loss to the property owner) importantly making sure that adults, children and even pets in or nearby the vicinity should not be adversely affected.
  • Many business owners or homeowners harbor the misconception that a one-off pest control treatment program is enough to keep the pesky intruders away. Pests are notorious for being a returning, recurrent problem which is why ‘pest management ’ is just as much the goal as ‘pest eradication.’ Along with suggesting ideal practices to keep pests at bay, professional pest control companies in Los Angeles will also provide advise on how hygiene, maintenance, or construction elements can be handled and improved to lessen the chances of repeated pest infestation.
  • In IPM, monitoring and extensive record-keeping and reporting is part of the pest management program. The condition of the land, building, house, or warehouse is extensively kept track of at every stage of treatment program which also helps in identifying aggressors such as dampness which may be exacerbating any existing pest issue.

Pros Of IPM in a Nutshell

  • All the pest control methods are tested and are safe, not just for human beings and animals in the vicinity but also for harmless or beneficial plants and insects. The treatments are specifically targeted according to the pest species, therefore, a range of different specialized pest control treatments are employed for dealing with an infestation. Various technological tools are also used to accurately access the scope of the problem so products are not used in a general manner everywhere. IPM uses green products and chemicals which are non-toxic or hazardous to human health.
  • IPM uses environment-friendly materials for controlling pests.
  • There are considerable long-term financial savings to be had by adopting IPM early on.
  • The day to day operations of the premises do not need to be interrupted while Integrated Pest Management is being carried out.

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Working relentlessly throughout Los Angeles California neighborhoods offering professional results at competitive rates, Maximum Pest Control Services is proud of its track record and outcomes we achieve for all our valued customers. Currently serving San Fernando, Woodland Hills, Encino, Tarzana, Reseda, Bell Canyon, West Hills, Sherman Oaks, Mission Hills, Chatsworth, Sylmar, Calabasas, Northridge, North Hills, Studio City, Topanga, Granada Hills and other nearby neighborhoods in LA.

For effective and affordable integrated pest control and management, simply rely on our professional expertise where we’ll customize an affordable pest control treatment plan whether you are a home or commercial business owner facing pest problems

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  • Terry

    The last thing I wanted was to see my LA property infested by filthy rats. Before hand, I didn’t know what controlling pests using integrated pest control even was. Now every one of my staff is trained to reduce the possibility of infestation using common sense techniques for managing pests.

    • pestcontrol

      Thanks for the comment Terry. Keep in mind that Maximum Pest Control Services offers proven results controlling all types of pests throughout Los Angeles California.

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