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Four Simple Ways To Get Rid of Mice From Home

A mouse is a vermin that is a common sight. In Los Angeles City California, there are five mice for every single person. That is how pervasive the mouse problem truly is, and that is how fast the mice infestations multiply. If you do not solve this problem soon, do not get surprised if they overrun your house all over, if you don’t require for the help of an effective mouse control immediately.

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Here, we will talk about the best integrated pest management mice control tips that you can implement right away in your house to avoid further serious damage mouse infestation problem and activities.

1. Eliminate Exterior Access Points


For as long as a mouse can fit its head in a hole, it can fit its entire body. Your best course of action is to plug these access entry points, and make sure you do general pest inspection regularly. Check your wall baseboards and window sills. Make sure they are sealed & closed to eliminate further action.

A good rule of thumb is to seal all outside holes including the weep-holes if any. If the hole can fit a pencil, then chances are a mouse can fit in it. Do not use any type of rubber or wood, as the mice can easily choose through them as well as able to climb walls without falling. Steel wool and caulking between the soffit and the walls is the only working trusted materials to use when it comes to rodent exclusions as preferred control method. Make sure to use steel mice blocker for all the weep holes outside the structure, since they can fit and travel through it easily up to the attic to reside.

2. Put Mouse Traps in The Right Places

Although mice are smart tiny animals, you will still find it effective to use mouse snap traps and glue boards as an effective rodent control process, if only you use the right bait and correct placement works wonder. Even mouse control experts will tell you this. For moderate infestation, you can use traps with loaded springs. But the thing is, you can never underestimate any mice population numbers.

A good rule is to lay down 15 different snap traps in different areas to capture only one mouse! Also, you have to use different variations of catching killing traps. Use spring snap traps, sticky glue boards traps, and a feeder metal cages at the same time. Also, do not use any cheese type. It is not true that rodents are attracted to them. Mice are rodents and they like crunchy sweet peanuts. Any Chocolate, bacon, and dried fruit are also great choices to entice them to the traps.

3. Use Baits in The Right Places

As mentioned earlier, laying traps are very effective, but only if used in the right places. Traps are best placed alongside walls because mice are known to travel beside walls to have their back protected rubbing against the wall baseboard. If you are using a spring trap, the trigger side should be facing the board, not out to be more effective.

Also, make sure that the traps are close to the hole or their abode. Studies show that mice do not travel farther than 20 feet from their original site location. If you see mouse droppings, that is a good place to start, too. If you did not catch any after two days, move the traps to a different spot and wait this time 3 days and so on.

 4. Clean Your House Always

While cleaning your house will not get rid of any house mouse, poor sanitation will attract them much more. Always make sure that you keep your food source in locked containers. Put them in refrigerators and sealed plastic containers. If possible, do not use plastic bags because the mice can chew on them easily.

house clean

Always sweep the floors, as mice can spot even the tiniest of food grain on there. A mouse can survive with a few grams of food every day, and these food grains are enough for them to live on. If there is always food on your floor, the mouse would have found a continuous supply and stay there.


Getting rid of rodents especially the footed mice, requires the right approach; it takes a lot of effort, too. You have to take action the moment you see one, as this can turn into a mice nightmare. If you are facing a huge mice problems infestation at the moment in your house or requiring a commercial rodent control, you are better off calling a mice expert company, for best mice control service in Granada Hills, Los Angeles as they have the proper experience and the right mouse killer product to deal with it safely and quickly staying rodent free year round.

They also have the right methods and equipment, plus they will give you good advice how to completely get rid of the mice problem for ever. Contact Granada Hills Mice Control Service Calling Now (818) 392-8880.

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