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Extermination & Removal of Bedbugs

When looking for affordable and professional bed bug extermination and removal services in Los Angeles, we’ll offer you simply the best Bed Bugs eradication options available.

If you have been a victim of bed bugs attack lately, or you suspect that your house has this problem, Maximum pest control services can get rid of bed bugs thoroughly. Because not only do we know how to kill them, we also make sure that bedbugs don’t come back bothering you again.

Exterminating Bed Bugs Using Home Remedies

Unfortunately, most of the information about how to remove bed bugs using home remedies won’t work when it comes to these persistent little monsters. There are many reasons for this, however, we believe this will inform you better:

Bed Bugs (also known as wall-lice, Cimex lectularius, Cimicidae) is the ancestor of modern bed bugs, these insects first emerged approximately 115 million years ago. All this basically means that they’ve been around for a very long time and therefore require professional solutions to get rid of and eliminate.

These blood sucking pests were first brought to the United States by early colonists, since then, urban bed bug infestation can be seen throughout Los Angeles California and other US states.

Removing bedbugs completely requires planned approach through identification of where the infestation is at your home, how it got there, extermination and removal, correct process of preparing before application applied and what you can do after our pest control specialists provide bedbug extermination service.
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How to Deal with Bed Bug Infestation

You could simply call 818-231-7984 for bed bug extermination service and let our professionals handle this problem quickly and once and for all.

Planning is critical to eliminate these persistent pests, keep in mind that bed bugs do not usually pose life threatening danger. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the best approach to exterminate and remove bed bugs completely. IPM process combines pesticides, bedbug poison, removal techniques and unique cleaning methods. It is best left to professionals who know what to do for thorough elimination and better results.

Where to Look for Bed Bugs

These tiny and wingless insects hide well and are hard to spot for the untrained eye, they usually live in inside box springs of a beds, in linen, mattress pads, pillows, behind a wallpaper, in electrical outlets, around couches.

Prevention is the Key When Dealing with Bed-Bugs

Vacuum often in the areas mentioned above. Eliminate clutter around objects they usually are found in. If you are about to purchase house items and furniture, then, make sure that you thoroughly check and clean them before you bring it inside your home.
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What Do Bed Bugs Feed On?

bed bugs extermination and removal service

  • Bed bugs prefer human blood, however they can also bite birds, bats and other mammals
  • Bed bugs bite and suck blood from anywhere of the body, especially exposed areas such as the face, neck, upper torso, arms and hands
  • Being mostly active during night, these creatures stay close to where they feed, but they can also travel long distances to get fed
  • When there is large infestation bedbugs can also be seen during the day
  • Bed bugs can survive up to a year on a single blood meal, hence their ability to survive and resurface after a long period of time

Whether you just seen a bed bug problem or tried other bed bug exterminators with little or no success, Maximum Pest Control Service can help by providing complete bed bug extermination and removal service throughout Los Angeles, San Fernando, Woodland Hills, Encino, Tarzana, Reseda, Bell Canyon, West Hills, Sherman Oaks, Mission Hills, Chatsworth, Sylmar, Calabasas, Northridge, North Hills, Studio City, Topanga, Granada Hills and surrounding areas, simply call 818-231-7984 and speak directly with bed bug extermination and removal experts

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