Rental Units Pest Control

For Safer and Pest Free Living

All rental properties and their respectful tenants are entitled to a pest free environment, that is safe and healthy to live in. Whether you are a landlord wanting to protect your investment, or a tenant experiencing pest problems. Best way to ensure everyone is satisfied is to get professional pest control service whenever pest problems occur.

All annoying pests and bugs can easily create a foul and disturbing environment for the rental tenants. Maximum Pest Control Services offers affordable and professional rental units pest control services to professionally inspect your property.

Our pest identification and elimination programs are ideal option for your rental units because of rapid and long term results we provide to locate rodents as well as pest infestation issues such as cockroaches, bed bugs, mice, termites and fleas. Flexible pest control and management offering you options month-to-month, bi-monthly, quarterly

professional technician exterminating pests

Protect Your Rental Units with Maximum Pest Control Services

  • Fast and Rapid response
  • 24/7 pest control solutions
  • Preparation of sheets for occupants to be ready clean
  • Evaluation as well as treatment of common locations
  • Proactive insect control identification procedures
  • Flexible insect control programs that are budget friendly
  • Property management options
  • Cockroach pest control services
  • Exterior/interior rodent control
  • Insect detection and eradication
  • Flexible and affordable rental property pest control service in Los Angeles

Thorough Rental Units Pest Control Services