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Are you tired of unhygienic pests "TERMITES" continually lurking around your Granada Hills property? We understand that its difficult for the homeowner to eliminate termites completely without the help of professional termite control service.

Research reveals that more than 10% of properties in Granada Hills Los Angeles will be affected by termites at one time or another.

Unlike Ants, termites are a highly destructive pests because they can cause permanent damage to your Granada Hills home or business property. When in wild, these insects feed on wood and plant matter, but when an infestation occurs at residential or commercial properties in an urban environment, termites can also feed on paper, plastic, drywall or materials made of wood. Termites feed cycle is 24/7, meaning they never stop causing havoc if not treated by a pest control professional. 

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Why Hire Professional Termite Controllers in Granada Hills LA?

As you know, your property is an investment worth protecting. After all, almost all homeowners and business owners get insurance for unforeseen events. And yet, what happens when a single termite colony invades your property? Working relentlessly to further their colony, termites silently destroy your granada hills property value.

As pest control experts serving neighborhood throughout Los Angeles, we understand the importance of working quickly. We come to you with proven to work experience as well as all the tools and equipment ready to get to work as quickly as possible to eradicate termites from your property.

When you arrange 818-231-7984 a free termite inspection, Maximum Pest Control Services termite exterminators in Granada Hills will evaluate the level of infestation. Accordingly, propose a termite extermination treatment plan.

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Unique Termite Treatment Plan > The Trojan Horse

Thinking outside the box, we have worked out the perfect termiticide formula for treating termite colonies effectively. All our programs use lowest toxicity treatments that are safe for humans and pets, and yet devastating for termites.

Once we work out the where and how part of termite extermination for your specific property, we apply our solution to affected areas including but not limited to the ground around and underneath your property for maximum impact. Once a termite comes in contact with our applied termiticide formula, they do not die quickly, but rather become a carrier to spread our treatment throughout the colony bypassing their alarm pheromones.

Basically, there is nowhere to run for termites when they come in contact with our treatment programs professional applied by highly skilled and licensed termite exterminators in Granada Hills.

Why Termites Must Be Exterminated Quickly?

A single termite viewed in isolation is not enough to alarm anybody due to its small size and limited bodily danger it poses to humans. But the nature of the termite is such that they reproduce in the hundreds making thousands if not hundreds of thousands of termites that all share the love of eating wood.

The queen termite lays between 10-to-20 eggs in the very early stages of the colony, but lays as many as 1000 eggs a day when the colony is well established (in some species, the queen may produce upto 40000 eggs per day).

This is why a termite infestation is a serious and time-consuming problem to deal with on your own regardless of the area of your house that has been affected. Don’t wait any longer letting termites slowly eating away your Granada Hills property. For professional termite control and extermination services contact Maximum Pest Control Services

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  • Beverly

    Here’s our top picks for choosing pest control company for eliminating termites:

    Must be professional and highly efficient with their results.
    Great communication and very friendly approach (especially when you have children like we do).
    Must be punctual and must clean after the work completion.
    Must love pets (we have 3 dogs) but hate pests 🙂

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