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When you are looking for proven to work cost-effective residential pest control solutions that cater to all types of pest issues, call on our experts.

Our dedicated and qualified technicians deliver a comprehensive inspection in order to identify the source of the pest problem. We know pests, their biology and understand their habits. Upon identification of the issue, consulting with you, we detail a customized treatment plan to eliminate pests from your property.

Maximum Pest Control Services is a leading provider of pest control in Woodland Hills LA. We deliver the best value for money quality pest control solutions that are environmentally responsible so that all our valued customers can engage our professional services with complete confidence.

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Pests and Climate

There are many pests found around Woodland Hills, rats, termites, rodents, mice, ants, just to name a few. Depending on the pest species, humidity and temperature are critical for survival of pests. Couple that with regular food and water sources, pests breeding and infestations soar.

Within the San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills experiences some of the most extreme temperature changes season to season. During the summer, it very hot, while during the winter, overnight temperatures are among the coldest of the region. On September 6, 2020, Woodland Hills recorded the highest temperature ever in Los Angeles County.

What that means is, pest problems are on the rise in and around Woodland Hills properties due to pests seeking suitable places to live. You no longer need to deal with pests such as rodents, rats, mice, bedbugs, cockroaches, termite extermination and others. We also specialise in wildlife removals (Possum Catching, Snake Removal and others). Rely on years of professional experience of our licensed technicians.

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Found Termite Infestation in Your Woodland Hills Property?

Termites are little ant looking insects that build large nests usually in high humidity areas. Although they need contact with soil, Wooden structures are well known places for Termites to nest and establish colonies. Due to the weather systems in the state of California US, termite pest problems occur near human populations (including commercial properties) causing much unneeded damage to structures of homes and business properties.

Termites are active across the state of California, from Sacramento down to Woodland Hills Los Angeles, California. When your property is invaded by termites, act fast as their population growth rates are high, leaving untreated can cause extensive damage to your property, to a level that is uninhabitable. For Professional Termite control and Extermination services call 818-231-7984

Types of Termites Found in California

Although there are many different species of termites around the world, those found in California are classified as "Dampwood termites, Subterranean, Drywood termites".

When you suspect any kind of termite activity near your Woodland Hills property, get in touch with our expert termite controllers as we can identify the insect species, find out the extent of attack, and customize an appropriate treatment for eliminating termites from your property.

Professional Termite Extermination Service

We’ve helped many of our valued customers get rid of Termites for good. In fact, when some other termite pest control services couldn’t get the job done, our solutions have been proven to work fast, and efficiently. This is due to our utmost experience in understanding the environmental factors as well as biological life cycle of pests (termites, bed bugs, ants and others). Our treatments work and are cost effective.

Termites Pest Control in Woodland Hills Los Angeles

Eliminating Pest Problems Thoroughly

Pests are called pests for a reason. They are just annoying and dirty, we as humans all wish that we do not have to deal with them. But unfortunately, at times due to many factors our homes and business property can be infested by these unwanted creatures. This is where we come in with all the right equipment, tools and pest control expertise to eliminate them for our valued customers. Simply get in touch with our friendly specialists and say goodbye to pest problems for good.

Common Pests Found Around Los Angeles California

  • Cockroaches in the kitchen
  • Mice & Rats in the attic and walls
  • Termites in and around wooden structures
  • Fleas all over the floor and the carpet
  • Ants in washrooms and kitchen area
  • Wasps & Hornets out the side the house nesting on some trees
  • Bed bugs all over the bed rooms and mattresses

When you require affordable residential and commercial pest control services in Woodland Hills Los Angeles, you can rely on our proven experience.

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  • We offer the most value for money pest control treatment available
  • Our pest control professionals are highly trained, licenced, certified and insured
  • Unique customized programs for getting rid of pests
  • We are your local Pest Controllers always nearby Los Angeles California

Get Complete Pest Control & Management Solutions

  • Rat removal and elimination service
  • Wasps & Hornet Extermination Services
  • Cockroach infestation control and complete destruction
  • Ant colony identification and ants extermination
  • Specialist bed bugs extermination services
  • Basically, all types of pests and rodents taken care of

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At Maximum Pest Control Services we guarantee our results and workmanship, rest assured that you’ll also be getting the most competitive rates available anywhere in Woodland Hills Los Angeles. We provide you complete control treatment and destruction of pests such as Rats, Mice, Rodents, Wildlife Animals, Bed Bugs, Termites and others.

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