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For Safer Pest Free Homes in LA

Its never a pleasant sight to see the ugly head of a pest, be it Rat, Mice, Cockroach, or bed bugs. What’s worse is that if you have a family with children who are scared of these unwanted animals.

Unknown to most people, seeing a cockroach, rat, mice, bed bug, termite or others is not the beginning of pest infestation but rather “they have already invaded your residential property”. Living in Los Angeles? Before pests colonize your house even further, contact us for thorough and affordable pest control services 818-231-7984

Often times, depending on the pest type, professional pest control services for your residence is the only option to eliminate them. Especially, if you’ve already tried other home made remedies or other residential pest control services in LA with little or no luck.

Friendly and Affordable Residential Pest Control in Los Angeles

All our valued customers using our residential pest infestation identification, management and removal expertise can rest assured that we only use professional tools, safe Rodenticides / Pesticides according to governing laws within the state of California US. All our pest control technicians are licensed, insured and above all else experts in understanding the behaviour, living habits and life-cycle of commonly found pests (cockroach, rat, mice, bed bug, termite) in Los Angeles.

  • Reliable Pest Controller
  • Years of experience dealing with, removing, killing and controlling pests
  • Comprehensive and customized pest management solutions
  • Pest elimination techniques using environmentally safe non-toxic products
  • Flexible payment options and competitive rates for getting rid of all types of pests

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Exceptional Pest Control & Management Service for Your LA Residence

Pests can actually harm the structure of your property, cause fire hazards and affect the health of your family. Maximum Pest Control Services offers a range of effective pest control solutions to eradicate various kinds of pests from your residential property.

At times, our valued customers feel embarrassed to reach out to pest control companies such as ours. Thinking that rats, mice, rodents, ants, termites, bedbugs, cockroaches are result of something that they’ve done. Nothing could be further from truth because each year, millions of Californians struggle to keep their homes free from pest infestation. Basically, pest problems are more common than one may think.

professional technician exterminating pests

Our aim is to provide exceptional customer service coupled with proven to work residential pest control solutions.

  • We use discreet unmarked vehicles
  • We work around your busy schedule with least amount of interruption
  • Budget friendly rates
  • We smile once our valued customers are fully satisfied

For exceptional pest control and treatment results. Simply contact us 818-231-7984 so that we can better understand pest problems you are dealing with, provide advice to find the best possible options to eradicate pests. We are your local, affordable residential pest control service

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