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Whether you are an owner, manager, or even a employee of a warehouse, make no mistake, pests such as rodents, insects, cockroaches and wild animals as well as birds like pigeons prefer warehouses. Because such properties usually offers pests necessary conditions for their breeding and nesting.

Did you know that pests and wild animals national economic impact is HUGE. Its estimated that today in 2021, vertebrate pests such as coyotes, rodents, birds, and feral hogs cause up to $2 billion damage to U.S. agriculture annually. Read more here: Economic Impacts of Bird and Rodent Damage to California Crops

Naturally, you may think ‘well I am not in agriculture sector’ or I’m operating (or renting) a warehouse so thus this doesn’t affect me at all. And yet, pest control is like a double edge sword particularly when it comes to warehouses and controlling those dreadful pests.

If you or your staff has seen rodents, cockroaches, or other pests strolling around your warehouse, then, calling on licensed warehouse pest control experts in Los Angeles is a must. If you do not have pest infestation problem as of yet, that’s great, but nonetheless its still smart to call upon a pest control professionals for maintenance and pest control prevention for your warehouse in Los Angeles California.

Benefits of Controlling Pests within Warehouses

When you call upon Maximum Pest Control Services in Los Angeles California, your business is in safe hands because you’ll avoid the following risk factors pests and wild animals pose.

  • Contamination of stock and also spreading of dangerous diseases
  • Damage to business reputation particularly if you are serving consumers with food
  • Regulatory penalties
  • Structural damage to property due to large scale pest infestation
  • Damage to wellbeing and health of employees

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Professional Pest Control Services in Los Angeles Taking Care of Warehouses

Warehouses are a treasure trove for various pests for several reasons. For starters, storerooms tend to be filled to the brim with valuable goods (often edible by pests like food products, fabrics, boxes or even furniture) with often little air circulation.

With Covid-19 ongoing in United States California, more and more warehouses have been shutdown for long periods of time with minimal maintenance being carried out, this further makes storehouses perfect breeding grounds for unwanted insects, pests and in some cases disease carrying rodents.

You can not fill up a sack if there is a rip at the bottom

That’s an old saying, which means, your business profits will be drained if pests are eating it away without your knowledge. If a warehouse is compromised by pests like termites, mice, rats, ants or others it can mean considerable financial loss as well as the loss of reputation for the company or business owner in question. To remedy this issue, all you have to do is engage the services of professional, experienced and cost-effective pest control experts serving LA and surrounding areas for preemptive action.

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The pest control action plan that will be used will consider the type of merchandise being held at the warehouse or depot (paper, wood, foodstuffs, consumer goods, etc.) and also on the size of the property as well. Professional pest control companies such as Maximum Pest Control Services will scope the area through inspection to further identify any loose ends such as small windows, vents, blocked drains, hidden entryways pests use before they propose how to pest-proof the warehouse.

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Pests That Are Bad News For Your Warehouse

As you know, a warehouse can become prey to several common pests that can wreak havoc if they are left unchecked, infestation can easily grow since employees either close up for the night, or work on shifts and do not pay attention to lurking pest infestation that may be growing in strength. Below are some of the most commonly found pests in storage spaces, old properties, and warehouses:

  • Winged insects such as moths, mosquitoes, flying ants, and some species of termites are a real threat to most kinds of stored materials especially items made from cloth or paper. They can hide easily due to their size and ability to fly as they can set up camp on the ceiling or ceiling crevices as well as air vents.
  • Mice and rats are some of the most dangerous pests since they eat through everything with their sharp, gnawing teeth. They make nests in dark holes, pipes, vents and can be notoriously difficult to pin down. They can be identified by odor, dropping as well as teeth marks on walls or furniture.
  • Although cockroaches can be found in or nearby food preparation and storage areas, a warehouse can also become host to cockroach infestation especially if it stores grains or consumer food products. Even with the implementation of proper hygiene protocols, cockroaches can still multiply and swarm so thus preventative pest control measures are vital.

IPM for Warehouses Located in Los Angeles CA

If you own, rent of operate through a warehouse, one way or another you are a business owner who understands the importance regulatory obligations and productivity. Knowing this, when you consult with a pest control company in Los Angeles California, consider the importance and the viability of implementing IPM (Integrated Pest Management) for your warehouse.

IPM is known for its non-toxic approach focusing on prevention of pest problems, which is critically important within a warehouse environment. Last thing anyone would want is to damage items stored or cause discomfort to people (odor or toxicity) that work within a warehouse or are nearby. IPM is a proactive and preemptive pest control and management measure which in many cases works out to be much cheaper compared to waiting for a large infestation to occur and then dealing with it.

commercial pest control for warehouses

How Much Does Pest Control for Warehouses Cost in Los Angeles?

Although there isn’t one-size-fits-all price for controlling pests, for an average residential pest control cost maybe anywhere between $300 to $700. When it comes to commercial pest control for warehouses, property size, products stored, and the species of insects and pests, as well as the stage of infestation all play a role in determining the price for pest control and maintenance services Los Angeles.

Rest assured, Maximum Pest Control Services offers the most competitive rates serving Los Angeles California surrounding areas such as: San Fernando, Woodland Hills, Encino, Tarzana, Reseda, Bell Canyon, West Hills, Sherman Oaks, Mission Hills, Chatsworth, Sylmar, Calabasas, Northridge, North Hills, Studio City, Topanga, Granada Hills and others.

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